Солена Торта с Гъби и Тартуфо / Torta Salata di Funghi e Tartufo

Salt Torta of Mushrooms and Truffles

Солена Торта с Гъби и Тартуфо

Salt Torta of Mushrooms and Truffles
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How this recipe was born?

This recipe was born by the imagination of Mimi.
It can be said it is one typical Italian food because of some ingredients.
Sometimes having even very few products in the fridge you can always imagine and prepare one original dish.
So, it was born this Salt Torta of Mushrooms and Truffles that was very delicious and light!


The recipe is based on mushrooms and truffles (tartufo). This is one very simple, light and cheaper recipe. But for sure it is very delicious because the most simple things are always the best!
For the recipe it is used Robiola Truffle (Robiola di Tartufo in Italian) that is one kind of Italian light cheese that is good to have also over the slice of bread. Robiola di Tartufo is similar like Philadelphia cheese in Italy.


700 g mushrooms
3 head red onion
4 tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
150 g cheese for pizza
50 g Robiola Truffle (Robiola di Tartufo)
1 roll puff pastry (230 g)
mixed herbs + salt

Preparation of Funghi

Cut the mushrooms to length of every one. Add the oil and braise in saucepan on fire for 1 minute.
Cut the onion in not so tin rings, add them to mushrooms and braise in saucepan on fire for another 1 minute.
Stop the fire and add the mixed herbs + salt (you can find them ready to cook on the market).

Preparing to fire in oven

Place the puff pastry into a suitable round baking dish for oven (put the rise paper on the bottom!). Pierce the bottom with a fork.
Pour mixture on the puff pastry, leaving a few pieces of mushrooms and onions for decoration.
Arrange cheese for pizza on top of torta, cutting it into long strips or as you wish to be decorate.
Arrange the mushrooms and onion over the cheese.
On the mushrooms and onion put small pieces of Robiola di Tartufo.


Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 15-20 minutes or until you see the surface of the pie is golden brown.


Store in the fridge well covered with adhesive foil.


Torta Salata of Mushrooms and Tartufo is an appetizer dish.
It is always good to have it on the table already cooked but not so hot.
It can be eaten slightly warm or slightly warmed in microwave if desired.
White wine is recommended!

Good Appetite!

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Similar Salt Torta (Pie) you can prepare also with other kind of vegetables.
If you are missing some ingredients you always can change it with something else.

Click here to see all the pictures of preparation!

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